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Region Nordic Site


Song & Music For Nordic?

"Nai Nai"

"Rainy Day"

It is hard to tell what is in fact the taste of the Nordic market. I must admit that I am neither a music agent nor an expert, but I have put these two songs in front as a kind of pilots.

Later I will introduce a score function, so we can check which song(s) might be most popular here - at least on this web site.

“The reason why I sing is to be a part of everybody’s daily life and to give positive messages and to give hope through my music. I come from a mixed cultural background and so I want to promote cross-cultures too.

I also believe that any music has the power to make people happy, I make people smile by using my music, and the smiles I get back from them gives me more Power. That’s the reason why I sing because it gives me reason to Live in Music World.

My Music makes people realize that the ordinary everyday life is also full of happiness. It is as though I’m giving supportive push to people by telling them that they might be a thing or two to worry about every now and then,but its better to take a step forward with positive thinking and keep people walking with their heads up.”

The biggest aim for Baby M is to create music to bring positive energy to young people, to collaborate with many people in different countries bringing cultures together and finally to produce a new type of music, Music for the new Generation!

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